So fitness. In order to clearly understand your field of activity, if you have a tendency to become a good instructor, try to answer the following questions:

How physically resilient are you?

This question is ridiculous only at first glance. In this article, we consider your professional path with a long-term goal. The group program instructor is busy with physical exercises for several hours a day. The instructor in the gym physically gets tired less, but psychological fatigue arises from long, close communication with the people to whom he provides services. At the same time, one and the other should radiate positive regardless of mood and well-being.

Today, as a hobby, such a load brings you pleasure, but will it be so in 5 or 10 years? Try to evaluate your health status and your abilities. And honestly answer yourself to this question. Especially if you are not already 20-25 years old. Or the champion’s past with almost inevitable serious injuries … In the end, in fitness you can be not only an instructor.
It is with endurance, as well as some psychological moments, that the employer’s desire to hire young instructors is usually not older than 30-35 years old.

Are you ready to provide services?

Fitness is a service industry. One of the first places for the real reasons for a customer buying a club card is his acute need for communication and attention. So, the instructor must first be sociable, non-conflict, be able to easily find a common language with strangers. Often the instructor has to perform the functions of a personal psychologist, for example, listen to the problems of the client, which is really not easy.

If you love fitness, but at the same time versatile and constant communication does not bring you pleasure, you are a deep introvert and do not intend to break yourself, it is better to think about another professional path.

These two conditions for success in the position of a fitness instructor are caused by nature and are little susceptible to correction. Further, we will talk about what can and should be acquired on the path of a professional instructor.

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Does the "seller" live in you?

Most of the salary of a personal trainer is a percentage of staff sold. Part (very small) will provide you with their minimum, which is included in the club card. And you will have to earn on the main “piece of the pie”: independently decide the “rebus” about the real motivation of the client and apply active sales skills. Unfortunately, many novice instructors are burdened by this moment, and sometimes it is this reason that leaves the fitness industry. "I can not impose myself" - The usual answers of such unsuccessful specialists. Who did not bother to find out that sales are nothing more than a banal technology with its secrets, and if you master them, and, of course, you want to, you can become an instructor with a decent salary.

Are you ready to receive a specialized education, to constantly improve?

Higher (incomplete higher) specialized education is often made a condition for the admission of an instructor to elite clubs. In fact, today fitness instructors are practically not trained in them. Fitness instructor and trainer - skier, gymnast, physical education teacher at school, etc. - DIFFERENT specialties. To work in the fitness club requires special knowledge and skills. So, in reality, this education does not have the value that many employers provide.

Some fitness clubs still prefer former athletes, indicating in the requirements for applicants: "the sports title is not lower than the CCM." The logic, at first glance, is understandable: he has achieved a lot - he will teach others. But not every athlete can understand the motivation of an ordinary club client, be able to explain to him the intricacies of the training process, and competently answer numerous questions. A coach and an athlete are different goals, different professions! Adjacent, but still different. The trend of an increasingly distant fitness industry and sports is justified.

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