Today in pharma practices we have had a special class on doping, drugs, level considered by the BOE to talk about doping in professional athletes, adverse reactions, etc ...

I liked it a lot (Compared to the rest of the pharmacy, it was almost a party). Part of the class has been dedicated to explaining certain oxymetholone prix doping tricks that are not detected by the tests. Firstly, to say that the tests are carried out on urine, most of them, and the least, on blood (counter-tests or private tests, such as the Tour de France). Here are a few small ways to trick the evidence:

  • Take diuretics. In this way the liquid content of the urine increases, so the concentration of solutes decreases. This way, you can ensure that the test instruments do not detect enough to give a positive result.
  • Blood transplant: This technique is pror tip-off. They warn athletes that the next day they are going to have to have a test, and they perform an autotransplantation of blood that they had previously stored.
  • Falsifying previous medical conditions : Asthma has a prevalence in the general population of 5%, however in athletes it is almost 25%. Ahem. Let's say that if you get a shot of beta 2 agonist, a glass and bronchodilator directly into your lungs you can better oxygenate yourself.

Besides, there are many more ways to trick controls. I am going to tell you now about a type of doping that left me (and the whole class) stunned. 

Physiological doping due to pregnancy 

Gymnasts in the former Soviet Union, a month before the competitions, became pregnant to abort a few days before they start. And why did they do this? It turns out that the typical pregnancy hormone, GCH (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone that causes weight loss, and using it in addition to androgenic anabolic steroids improves the growth of muscle fiber. A week and a half before the start of the competition they aborted. With which they stopped producing HCG, the menstrual cycle returned to normal and in the tests it was undetectable.

I will not comment on it because it does not occur to me to say, that everyone thinks what they want about this. And if you dare to look for information on the internet, you will find a lot of pages, blogs and bodybuilding forums where they share their "tricks" and diets to look like real mammoths from the ice age.

Finally I leave you a video with the first case, or the best known, of death in sport due to doping. This cyclist, Tom Simpson, died live, in the Tour de France. He was high on amphetamines and died of dehydration.

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